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To support you with your job search, any recruiter who registers on the Recruiter Talent portal will automatically gain free access to a free training area on TRNWorld, an exclusive learning and development portal designed specifically for those working in recruitment.

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Recruiter Talent is for everyone who works in a recruitment organisation, from Resourcer to Consultant, Ops to Marketing, Entry Level to Snr Management.

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The Portal is accessible for free to any recruitment organisation, anywhere in the world, looking at hiring new talent to support their strategic growth plans.

I am looking for a job in recruitment

How it works, if you are a candidate:

  • You submit your details.
  • Your details are stored on the platform which allows any recruitment agency to review your profile.
  • When you generate interest – you will be contacted directly by that recruitment agency.
  • If you are interested in them, great. If not move on.
  • Once you are contacted by a company you like, you will then go through their hiring process.
  • When you are hired and not available any more, your data will be permanently erased from the platform.

I am hiring new talent for my agency

If you are a recruitment agency hiring:

Now more than ever, there is some outstanding recruitment talent available on the market, from back office through to consultants and senior managers. Using our wide global network we have centralised the available recruiters currently seeking new roles onto our portal for recruitment agencies who are hiring to engage with. 

The service is completely free. 

Our sole motivation is to support the recruitment industry and help recruiters get back into work.

If you would like access to the portal, please fill out the details here and you will be sent a log in.